The Best Kitchen Island For Small Kitchens

small kitchen island


A small kitchen island is a perfect way of adding functionality to small kitchens when cooking or looking for storage. Not only is it your kitchen's star, but it also serves many handy purposes. If you are looking to incorporate this ultra-functional piece, the good news is that you don't need to spend an arm and a leg or worry about the small kitchen space.

Here are the top small kitchen island ideas to help you land on the perfect Kitchen Island for your small kitchen. So without further ado, let's get started:

Think Utilitarian:

If a tight budget is an issue coming in your way of getting a kitchen island for a small kitchen space, why not adopt a practical approach? Restaurant supply stores usually have stainless steel tables and that too at excellent prices. They can work as great economical kitchen island options for your little kitchen.

If you don't really dig their look, you can always put your imagination and creativity to the test. One way to go about this is by fitting a butcher block top to make it more aesthetically pleasing and purposeful. You can also add backless stools under the table to give your area an extra oomph.


Go White

There is no other color that fits better in a small kitchen space than white. So why not go for a bright white kitchen island that will instantly open up space. You can opt for a white marble or any other material that will easily blend into the surroundings.

To spice things up, you can add bright-colored high stools and place a vase of roses in the center of your white kitchen island.

Kitchen Island with seating

A Multi-Purpose Kitchen Island:

Why not add some sophistication and make the most of your kitchen island space and split it into two halves? You can use one side as a dining area and the other as a counter space. This will allow you to allocate two different areas and purposes for your handy kitchen island and will make working on it extra fun.

How about Kitchen Island with seating? Many of us love hanging out in the kitchen, so why not add booth seating on one end of the kitchen island?

 small kitchen island

Incorporate Storage:

We all know hard it is to fit all your kitchen goodies in a little kitchen. If a kitchen island is on the way, why not incorporate some storage options to make life easy for you.

Various kitchen island designs come with cabinets, shelves, or drawers at the bottom. You can also incorporate some useful shelves at the base or fix a pot rack on the space above to utilize the extra area to the maximum.

 small kitchen island ideas

Accent Kitchen Island:

Want to make a really bold move with your kitchen island? If you love making strong statements with your aesthetic choices, why not go against the traditional norm of a white kitchen island? You can go opt for an accent masterpiece in a bold and bright color. Going for a black granite finishing is a clever way of saving money and adding a classy appeal. Moreover, it also helps in hiding dirt.

As your masterpiece will already be the center of attention, why not spice it up even more. Add stunning kitchen island decor and bright vases that spruce things up.

narrow kitchen island

Drop Leaf Style:

An excellent and smooth way of adding bonus space to your counter is by the drop leaf style. Simply pop it up when you need it, and then drop it back down so you can easily move around in the small kitchen space.

If your kitchen space is too small to add a kitchen island, a drop-leaf island should be your inspiration. You can incorporate a drop leaf at your kitchen wall or kitchen cabinet’s end. This extra space will give you plenty of room to work in the kitchen and can be easily put away when you are not working.

 modern kitchen island

Kitchen Island On Wheels:

A kitchen island is a beneficial addition to any kitchen, but a small space may come in the way of having one. Why not go for a kitchen island on wheels? When on the hunt, make sure you look for options that have durable wheels on them. What if you can't find the right size with wheels? Well, you can always add them yourself.

It doesn't matter what type you choose; adding good quality wheels is an excellent way of giving your small kitchen island an upgrade and making it mobile. Just remember to pick high-density polyurethane wheels that come with a lock mechanism. This will keep your kitchen island in place.

Freestanding Kitchen Island:

It is one of the top small kitchen island ideas.

So what if your kitchen space is tiny? You can put a free-standing island that has a marble finish. If you have an extra console table lying around that is of no use, you can easily use that as a kitchen island or kitchen stand. It will work, especially if you are looking for a narrow kitchen island.


Top Tips To Remember

Now that we have the basics sorted, let’s look at a few top tips to incorporate when setting up the kitchen island of your dreams:


  • Color combo: If your kitchen's color scheme is dark, it is advised to opt for a light-colored kitchen island. This will make space look bigger.


  • Adequate moving space: When installing a kitchen island with cabinets and shelves in a small space, make sure there is ample space to move around and open the cabinets with ease.


  • Lighting: If it is not a moving kitchen island, adding a ceiling light on top of the kitchen island is recommended to make meal prep more manageable and make the small space feel bigger and bright.


Small Kitchen Island Ideas

Don't let your little kitchen make you think you can’t fulfill your dreams of having a kitchen island. Even with limited space, you have plenty of choices for adding a kitchen island that suits all your cooking needs.

From a modern kitchen island to a Kitchen Island with seating to a kitchen island bar, options are endless. You can easily make sure you end up with the perfect small kitchen island.

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