How To Pick Decor For Your Kitchen Island?

décor for Kitchen Island


An island is a focal point in a kitchen and works the most to enhance any kitchen's look and feel. However, a kitchen island works its magic only when it is designed and decorated right. We know that Kitchen island décor is a challenging job as it depends on so many factors. The common factors to consider are your kitchen design, size, color palate, materials used, and the functions the island needs to perform.

However, with some tips and tricks, you can make your kitchen island décor stand out in no time.

So, let's begin;

Determine Your Kitchen Design Vibe

Before spending your money on anything, you must know your kitchen design vibe. Knowing the specific design style will help you find décor that you will genuinely love. Without knowing the style you are going with, you will be confused when picking and decorating the kitchen island. It is especially vital if you have a new kitchen in the design process. If not new, the design vibe is already set for the most part.

Modern Kitchen

You are in a sleek and modern design style profile if you are into minimalism, prefer calming neutral tones, clean lines, and matt finishes. You most probably have white or flat panel cabinetry, granite or quartz countertops, and stainless-steel appliances.

Farmhouse Kitchen

A mix of earthy and traditional elements leads to a farmhouse aesthetic as you like it cozy with a homegrown feel. Natural wood islands, ornate cabinet molding, butcher block countertops, warm colors, and rugged textures in your kitchen mean your island décor choices must reflect farmhouse aesthetic.

Eclectic Vibe

A desire to mix and match a variety of design styles means your aesthetic is eclectic. Having modern cabinetry with open shelving to display pottery or other pieces and bright boho-chic patterns scream eclectic. You would want to color accent your kitchen island with crafted wood kitchenware and vintage flower vases.

Beach House Aesthetic

Last but not least is beach house design. Airy blue hues, shades of white, tan, brown, and cream used in the kitchen, and lots of natural light mean you like it beach house style. While shopping for your kitchen island decoration, you should be looking for nautical and natural materials like sisal, rope, and wicker.


How To Pick Décor for Kitchen Island?

Now that you know what design style you like, you are ready to pick décor for Kitchen Island.

Kitchen island décor

Plants & Vases

No matter what your design style is, plants and vases are a must. A mix of different vase sizes and shapes will be an excellent addition to any kitchen island. Remember, it's one vase or more; it must run along the length of the island countertop.


  • A single vase is fine in modern kitchen island decor, but if you want more, you must not go above three of different shapes and sizes. The color choice should be neutral, with the material being preferably ceramic or colored stone. White especially works great with some greenery like foliage or some green branches with white flowers, or ones with lighter colors will look great. You can also opt for one bold flower color.
Remember, if going for more than one, limit the green stuff only to one vase and keep the others empty. A woven planter will also work great for modern décor.


  • For eclectic kitchen island decor, you can opt for more vibrant and bolder colors when it comes to flowers, but it's recommended to stick with one color. A potted herbs display will do double duty, facilitating culinary cuttings while adding greenery. It will work great for eclectic and modern.


  • In farmhouse kitchen island decor, you can mix and match different flower colors. You can also play off your kitchen’s color scheme with vases in similar shades and can opt for clear glass vases for lightness.


  • For Beech house kitchens, the natural stone look works the best for vases, and it is recommended to limit the use to only one with some greenery and not flowers. Like modern décor, woven planters also work great.

 decorating the kitchen island


Nothing will beat the warmth that a cluster of flickering candles, preferably votive, adds to the center of the farmhouse island.

If it's a beach house vibe, you can use both ends, which will look magical in the evenings and night. Woven candle holders especially look great in beech house and modern kitchens.

For a modern look, pairing one candle with one short and one long vase (with greenery) will look excellent. When it comes to eclectic island decor, colored glass candles will do great, especially when placed in one corner.

 kitchen island décor tips

Display Seasonal Produce

This is one of our most recommended island décor tips. It primarily works for bigger and those islands that are not kept busy with cooking.

  • In a sleek and modern kitchen island, put fresh, seasonal produce in a modern bowl or a wicker basket. You can also make a pair with one large vase, one bowl of produce, and a candle or a set of your best smaller ceramic plates (if it's a big island).
  • Freshly cut wildflowers displayed in a vintage vase will look great on a farmhouse kitchen island.
  • A collection of seashells, coral, or starfish in a full glass vessel or one with a partial woven design will look the best in your beach house kitchen.
  • Your eclectic kitchen island can enjoy a variety of greenery with herbs in handmade pots. You can also display herbs in colored ones or handmade pots.

 How To decorate Kitchen Island

Set The Table

You need an occasional quick bite area, a breakfast nook, or need the island to work the main dining area due to small space; your island can serve as a more casual dining area.

Add in some placemats and some of your best dishes, and it will be an inviting and warming area for guests and family. Include a decorative breakfast tray with fresh flowers or some baked goods as well. Just don’t forget to swap out decor depending upon the season.


It does not come under the on-counter décor, but with hardware, kitchen island décor is incomplete. Gold, black, and silver are in-trend colors for doorknobs, while copper, gold, and black are in demand for above the island lighting fixtures.

Gold and copper-colored brass and steel knobs look great in a farmhouse, while a mix of different colors can be added to this list for an eclectic style. Modern, especially two-tone kitchen do great with black knobs, while copper looks good in beach house kitchen décor.

 modern kitchen island decor

Display Your Appliances

In the case of a small kitchen, you will need free counter space, but you don’t have to make your kitchen island a catch-all for produce, cutting boards, and spices. You can show off your best appliances here!

For example, you can add a colorful toaster, blender, or juicer that suits your kitchen's look. You can also turn the kitchen island into tea or a coffee bar with a teapot or French press or can add in some of your favorite cookbooks.

 tips to decorate kitchen island

3 Kitchen Island Décor Do’s And Don’ts

  • Never clutter, whether your design style is minimalist or not, because a kitchen island is a functional place, not a display area.
  • The kitchen island should complement the rest of your kitchen design. So, you must not go for colors or materials that are entirely different and give a chaotic look.
  • Small or large, every kitchen island must have more empty space than what is covered with décor or functional pieces.

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